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Cha Cha Wan Review

August 21, 2015

Since it’s wedding season, it’s been rather difficult to go out and indulge in wining and dining however, I had not met my friend VJS in ages and it was time for a major catch up! (Unfortunately lunch work hours don’t really permit MAJOR consisting of hours) but this had to do! She suggested to go somewhere near Sheungwan where I work to catch up on some nibbles and chat- Cha Cha Wan was chosen and had been on my to-eat list for a while!

Cha Cha Wan is created by restaurant connoisseur Yenn Wong of 22 Ships in Wanchai and 208 Duecento Otto which is next door neighbor of Cha Cha wan. The menu choices are originally born in the north-eastern region of Thailand and Chef Adam Cliff knows how to bring  the ‘Isaan’ flavors to the table.

The lunch set menu consisted of Sam Dtumg Goong (Green Papaya Salad), Nahm Dtok Moo ( Spicy pork), Gal Tart (Fried Chicken), Gal Yung (Chicken thigh), Khao Pad (Crab Meat Fried Rice) and much more…

We ended up ordering two lunch sets which consists of two appetizers and two main meals- started off with the Som Dtum (Green Papaya Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Dried Shrimp) which had sweet/sour taste, fresh veggies but not spicy at all hence- VJS ordered some chopped chilis!

Next as a starter, was the Yum Kauar Yaw (Salad of Smoky Eggplant fish sauce, Prawn Floss and Soft-boiled Egg), this was my favorite dish though I am being biased because I love eggplant. But, the eggplant was soft stripped into pieces and complimented very well with the chili dressing. Absolutely divine!

The last two main dishes was the Gai Yung (Chicken Thigh marinated in thai garlic, pepper and grilled till cripsy) and the Pak Poong Fai Mai Dang (Stir-fried morning glory with chili and yellow beans). Both these dishes went well with each other, greens and chicken you can’t go wrong! I loved the crispiness of the chicken outer layer and the tender grilled way the Chef cooked it, it was served with a spoon of dressing which makes the dish light yet delectable!

Not to mention- we ordered two ice Thai coffees (Can’t wait to hit Thailand in December for the street side Thai Coffee!)

Definitely a visit, though you can’t make a reservation so hit it up early for lunch!

Special thanks to my beautiful friend VJS, it’s always lovely for friends to take time out of their busy Hong Kong lives to meet! <3

Originally posted Feb 2014 



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