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Harlan Goldstein’s Ee Da Le- Review

October 27, 2016

As many of you must have heard thanks to SCMP, Harlan Goldstein has bailed on his hyped up four venue venture citing ‘health reasons’. I don’t buy it, something doesn’t seem right. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of some of his concepts..just his departure seemed shady. Hence, my weariness when my best friend’s boyfriend suggested we go to Ee Da Le to surprise her for her birthday. I love V, therefore her birthday needs to be perfect (me & my bestie are both big birthday people!).

Ee Da Le

The first of the four openings is Ee Da Le, which is also the Canto pronunciation of Italy. The restaurant serves up a rustic Italian cuisine with a funky setting made up of over-bright mediterranean style tiles and opera inspired lampshades. I didn’t really prefer the ambiance to be honest, so already panic set in as I was eagerly waiting for V to walk into the restaurant and yell ‘ SURPRISE! ‘

Ee Da Le

When she did enter, and all the grinning and ‘OMG seriously?’ was over, we were absolutely starving. We tucked into the Caprese burrata, which I quite liked and it’s also V’s favourite thing to order at any place we dine at. The Caprese ($148) creamy mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes were ordinary but the wholegrain mustard on top of the burrata was the winner for me – a quaint little twist to make ordinary into vibrant.


Even though Harlan Goldstein is no longer part Ee Da Le, I have to say, the pastas & meats surprised me – actually more like shocked me.. in a positive way! We dived into the Pappardelle ($188) Wild Forest Mushrooms, Pancetta, Smoked Egg & Grated Pecorino which was memorable along with the Macaroni Air-Dried Pasta ($258) Italian Mac & Cheese, Sausage & Parmigiano Crumbs. This was by far my favourite dish to the point where I refused to share it with the hubby or V. The most forgettable dish was the Black Truffle Risotto ($188) Wild Forest Mushrooms, Black Truffle, Rocket and Cheese. It was bland, boring and slightly watery…not recommended.


Finally, the boys had to have their usual steaks and shared the 12oz Bistecca Wet-Aged Rib Eye Steak, Salsa Rossa, Arugula and Balsamic ($380). They were ‘oooohing and aaahiing’ at this steak and making noises that frankly- disturbed me. Alas, I gave in (for those who don’t know I am not a beef-eater) and had a bite..then had another.. I got what the fuss was about. I suggest you give it go as dunk it into the sauce and garlic cloves provided.


The bill for the four of us came to $600HKD each included 2 bottles of wine. Cheaper than Carbone & Mercato but there are a few misses. It’s great to see a good Italian spot come to life in Hong Kong’s heart of Central, drop in & of course next time let me know how the desserts are below.


Ee Da Le


3/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2896 1838


Spoon Rate: P8301YELP8301YELP8301YEL

(Apologies for no original photos, these are taken from the Ee Da Le FB & website.)

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Mercato LKF California Tower

August 22, 2016

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has decided to take up residence at California Tower and house his newest concept, Mercato.  With this family-style italian concept at California Tower, it’s got a great buzzy date night vibe to it for a Saturday night. The hubs & I deciding to splurge a little and explore California Tower a bit more, we ventured over to Mercato. Firstly, the staff has exceptional manners taking the typical ‘HK snobbery service’ off the table completely, staying true to the family-style concept it encourages diners to share at the table hence, we were SUPER full after 1 appetizer, 1 main and 1 dessert. 

I would suggest going to Mercato with a group so you can dabble with the signature dishes such as the whole roasted snapper, crispy beef short ribs as well as the house-made pastas & pizzas.


Mercato’s wood-burning oven gives the pizzas an impressive texture with a crackling strong crust. Don’t forget to try the various exciting cocktails which have an Italian Twist such as the Almafi Sunset!

Our highlight was the black truffle, three cheese and farm egg pizza (HK$238) which has a great cheesy smell, with the runny egg yolk in the centre and the black truffle was definitely present in terms of taste!



  • Tuna Tartare
  • Farm Egg Pizza with Truffles
  • Tiramisu

Spoon Rate: P8301YELP8301YELP8301YEL

Mercato, 8/F California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, tel: 3706 8567

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Amalfitana, Repulse Bay

August 1, 2016

Despite the typhoon weather today I wanted to write this blog for ages… last weekend I got to spend an amazing night with my two best friends at Repulse Bay. Hearing raving reviews about Amalfitana, we knew we just had to try it out the infamous artisan pizza place which has brought a slice of the Amalfi Coast to Repulse Bay Hong Kong.

Amalfitana is the brainchild of the Roopchand brothers and the Chellaram brothers, they really know what works as their already iconic Rummin’ Tings & Fatty Crab venues hit Hong Kong with a bang.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The decor of the venue truly pays homage to Italy with a huge pizza oven, outdoor seating and bar seating taking over the space. I was slightly disappointed as we booked a week in advanced but they placed us outside the venue near the escalators so we couldn’t really get the attention of the servers, and when we did my two things that I was so excited to try were sold out (Eggplant Parmigiana & Kale Salad *sad face*). Anyway, putting that aside- after getting the head waitresses’ attention, we told her we made a booking a week ago and we were disappointed things ran out, she was super attentive to our table. So A+ for service absolutely bang on’.

We kicked off with pesto garlic bread, which was great followed by the burrata & avocado appetiser! That was my highlight, it reminded me of a fresh vegetarian tartar that you would find with Salmon. It was brilliant and the balsamic vinegar & marinated tomatoes went well together!

The pizzas were filled with toppings from the Amalfitana parma ham, pepperoni to the quattro formaggio! You really can’t go wrong with the choices they have at Amalfitana, they know what they are doing with pizzas. Not to mention the experience is exciting as you get to cut slices with… SCISSORS! The hubby was taking the lead on this one, next time I want to go back to try the fiorentina which I heard has a perfectly cooked yolky egg on top of spinach and cheese!


Shop 105, G/F, The Pulse
28 Beach Road
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2388 7787


Spoon Rate: P8301YELP8301YELP8301YELP8301YEL


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Sorriso Hong Kong – Shameful Italian Fare

April 13, 2015

Seven years, an anniversary dinner..where to go? I was recommended by my friend Rohit to head to Sorriso Hong Kong as a good dining spot with a great view and fine dining dishes. He quoted (one of the best pizzas), there was no pizza on the menu.

Before I get to that, I have to say the view is gorgeous for Sorriso- Sky High Buildings, indulgent lights and ofcourse Hong Kong’s view is always so gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.27.05 PM

Simplicity at is best is not something that Sorriso Hong Kong tends to follow, I felt the food was rather pretentious in it’s own right but it didn’t the dishes justice. I order the Vanilla Cod and K ordered a steak with no choice of sauce he was praying it was a mushroom cream sauce (it wasn’t). There wasn’t much choice on the appetizers so we ordered a side of pesto pasta for a taster and the steak fries.

1. Steakfries were absolutely delicious, served with a side of garlic aoili you really can’t go wrong!

2. The pasta we sent back twice, it was UNDERCOOKED and the manager came to argue with me. I will not eat raw pasta!

3. Vanilla cod was delicious, served cold at first so had to send it back but when it came back to me it was so mouthwatering! The vanilla enhanced the bed of mash underneath the cod, it was fresh, sweet and savory. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.26.24 PM

4. Steak was okay, average, not amazing, not the best steak you could have had especially at a fine dining Sorisso Hong Kong Italian restaraunt. Average, not succulent and the choice of black pepper sauce was not really an ideal combo for a fine-dining western spot. Felt more like Pepper Lunch not italian.


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.26.45 PM

Overrall, I wouldn’t go back for a second round but the view was a great constellation prize!



Spoon Rate: P8301YEL


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January 27, 2015


Placed on the gorgeous waterfront site right by the ferry pier of Harbour City, Al Molo embodies the sort of italian vignette you hope to find in so much of Hong Kong’s hustle & bustle. Exposed brick walls, countertops and open cooking stations running down both sides of the dining area, it surrounds the bar that leads out to the alfresco chill seating area facing the harbour. Dining Concepts is one of the groups which are very good at what they do.

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Shelter Lounge- CWB

November 1, 2014


One thing about Hong Kong is you have to love the cosmopolitan vibe, it’s so invigorating and sometimes makes you feel like your in a movie. I love the outdoor rooftop bars the best, my top favorites among those are Sevva and Cafe Grey except for the service at Sevva.

The other day, me and K decided to have date night- unsure of going to our traditional spots I decided to surprise him and take him to Shelter Lounge in CWB on the advice of my partner in crime Pinks. Shelter Lounge is situated ontop of the Hysan Building in CWB, grab a lift and zoom right up and you are greeted by lovely individuals seating you to the most gorgeous outdoor area. As you walk over to the outdoor area, the arena is split into two. The bar casual area and alfresco dining, the music is old school RnB & Jazz, and the tables are beautifully decorated with candles. The view is amazing, we’ve got the Causeway Bay high skyscrapers and so much SPACE! (HKERS know that it is VERY RARE).

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