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Shelter Lounge- CWB

November 1, 2014


One thing about Hong Kong is you have to love the cosmopolitan vibe, it’s so invigorating and sometimes makes you feel like your in a movie. I love the outdoor rooftop bars the best, my top favorites among those are Sevva and Cafe Grey except for the service at Sevva.

The other day, me and K decided to have date night- unsure of going to our traditional spots I decided to surprise him and take him to Shelter Lounge in CWB on the advice of my partner in crime Pinks. Shelter Lounge is situated ontop of the Hysan Building in CWB, grab a lift and zoom right up and you are greeted by lovely individuals seating you to the most gorgeous outdoor area. As you walk over to the outdoor area, the arena is split into two. The bar casual area and alfresco dining, the music is old school RnB & Jazz, and the tables are beautifully decorated with candles. The view is amazing, we’ve got the Causeway Bay high skyscrapers and so much SPACE! (HKERS know that it is VERY RARE).

We got the italian modernesque menu filled with appetizers, pasta, pizzas and entrees. My face fell, it wasn’t an impressive menu at all, and for those who are vegetarians- stay clear. We started off with the Caprese salad, mushroom risotto and magherita pizza with a chilled bottle of wine. Let me just say, the food was mediocre especially for the price of $1200.00 HKD. The food overrall was bland, little soggy and not at all impressive as many other italian eateries in Hong Kong, even in comparison to GRAPPAS. Shocking!

My advice, head there for a drink, a dessert and then go off to dinner somewhere far, far away from this kitchen.

It’s a great view, ambiance is lovely and it’s a great start off point.

Have you eaten at Shelter Lounge? Tell us your view!




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