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Review: The Cheesecake Factory Hong Kong

May 12, 2017

Come on now, unless your living under a rock you would have heard that the Cheesecake Factory has opened it’s doors in Hong Kong, Harbour City. Rumour has it, it’s not doing so well in USA that it’s finally decided to expand into Asia (next stop Taipei!). Well good thing, the Cheesecake Factory corporates thought so because Asia is a whole new market… (just remember to bring stretchy pants.)

I heard about the trials and tribulations of waiting in 3 hour queues, but the hubby decided we needed to have a date night so let’s hit the Cheesecake Factory on a Thursday evening. When we got there, around 830pm, there was groups of people waiting outside and in- with the entire venue completely full. We spoke to the hostess who was extremely courteous (from the states) and she said it will be about an hour and if we were okay sitting at the bar. We didn’t mind, she gave us our little beeper thing and off we went looking around Harbour City. About half hour later we returned back and she ushered us to the bar where they laid out table mats etc and right away the bar manager was attentive. She was also from the states and asked if we’d like some bread while we waited for our order. FYI the brown honey bread is ‘deeeeelish.’

I managed to order the Cheesecake Factory Reserve Cab Sauv wine because that was the only one by the glass and the hubby ordered a soda which was served in an American sized giant glass. Right away, I knew everything we’d get would be huge portion sizes so we best be weary when we ordered. The Cab Sauv as a house wine was actually super crisp and full bodied! (to my surprise..)

The menu is extensive with over 200 items, it was difficult to choose and we managed to pick two items after a bit of banter. We opted for the Buffalo Chicken Sliders and the Prawn Pasta in Lemon Garlic Sauce to share along with an Oreo Cheesecake.

The highlight for me was the sliders, it was served with ranch dressing, super toasty soft buns and really crunchy chicken. The pasta was pretty good, with the lemon sauce really shining through the garlic sauce and the prawn was battered and tempura style with herbs.

The cheesecake, I still have mixed feelings about. Yes I know, I hear the disappointment. The Oreo Cheesecake arrived with the a side of whipped cream however, it was incredibly decadent with MASSIVE cookie bits inside. I felt it was really rich and overly sweet – it wasn’t as soft as I imagined felt sort of defrosted. I think the next time i’ll go for the Tiramisu Cheesecake maybe the coffee bitters can balance out the sweet.

My recommendation is going with 6-8 people for dinner, at least you will be able to try a few dishes and also perhaps share 1-2 cheesecakes. The pricing was around 300 per person and they don’t take reservations apparently it’s a Cheesecake Factory “LAW”.

Address: Shop G102, G/F, Harbour City, Gateway Arcade, 25 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Spoon Rate: P8301YELP8301YELP8301YEL/5



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