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Pirata Hong Kong- Restaurant Week

August 4, 2017

The Flagship restaurant of the Pirata Group, Pirata didn’t leave much of an impression on me the first time I tried. In fact, it was placed in the “whatever” pile of Italian restaurants I may not ever visit again based on the fact that I didn’t remember much of anything that I tried.

This time around, Restaurant Week popped up and we decided to take another chance on it and give it a go. When we arrived at Pirata, we were 15 minutes early for our booking so they made me climb 2 flights up in 4 inch heels to sit at the bar that was outdoor with one fan, not a great start considering it was 35 degrees out.

Finally when they called us back down via an elevator (Why didn’t we just take it up?) we sat down and got greeted by an incredibly friendly waiter (shocking in Hong Kong) and he took us through our menu.

Before I get into my favourites, let me just say that Pirata was EXTREMELY generous with their Restaurant Week menu with each portion coming as full sized including the starters so it was technically a 7 course meal.

My standout dishes were the Mamma’s Meatballs, the Burrata Cheese Salad, The Parmesan Ravioli (I asked them for no beef) and the Orrecchiette with Sausage and N’duja. The desserts were alright nothing we haven’t tasted before and the mains were average as well but really worth it for the price of 398 per person. I went home in a #foodcoma but definitely had a #foodgasm.  I would suggest the next time around to go for the pastas plainly because this group has launched Pasta legends PICI and know their pastas pretty well.

Butter sage ravioli with goats cheese filling and shaved truffle. Endless courses at @piratahk my opinion has certainly changed of this fabulous place now one of my favourites. The things they can do to pasta baffles me, not to mention MAMA’S MEATBALLS.


Burrata Cheese (v)

Tomato, basil, rocket


M.M.M. (My Mamma’s Meatballs)

Pork, beef, egg, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil


Arancini (v)

Acquerello rice, saffron, D.O.P Fontina cheese


Orecchiette with Sausage and N’duja

Home made orecchiette, Italian sausage, spicy n’duja, cherry tomato


“Liquid” Parmesan Ravioloni with Truffle

Beef ragu, shaved truffle, parmesan cheese, butter, sage

PIATTI GRANDI (Please choose one of the below per person)

The Butchers’ Cut

Flank steak tagliata, rocket, cherry tomatoes


Giant Tiger Prawns (2 Pieces)

Grilled prawns, salsa verde, garlic, parsley


Eggplant Parmigiana (v)

Deep fried eggplant, tomatoes, D.O.P buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan



Traditional style with coffee, mascarpone, Marsala wine


Panna Cotta

Home made raspberry coulis, fresh raspberry


Pirata: 239 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai

Spoon Rate:P8301YELP8301YELP8301YELP8301YEL/5



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