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Eat My Spoon is always on the look out for exciting collaborations including:

  • tastings/media requests
  • product endorsement
  • promoting new campaign
  • recipe development
  • food photography assignment
  • hosting cooking class/demonstration
  • public appearance
  • media trip invitation

There is no budget too big or small, please feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting so we can have a coffee and ‘taco’ ’bout it.

Eat My Spoon has worked with:

  • Citrus Sweets
  • Senszio
  • Smart Mama
  • Hong Kong University
  • Sunshine Valley
  • Superfood Lab
  • Greater Asian Advisors
  • Beef and Liberty
  • Cali-Mex
  • CaliBurger
  • Sevva
  • Flaming Frango

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