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MOYO Hong Kong

October 28, 2015

A Korean restaurant with an Italian twist? WHAT? Everyone make way for the new kid on the block- MOYO Hong Kong. So how did this brain child happen? Apparently the owners are Korean but- grew up in Italia, hence the significantly new twist that Hong Kong hasn’t seen before!

MOYO is located right across PMQ and is a simple little diner with black and white ambiance to fill the vibe. It seemed funny to walk in there for a dry meal as everyone around us was enjoying a bottle of sake, tempting but we decided to stay DRY!



The menu here is simple, with two to four options in each category and it is clear that there is an Italian influence, particularly with dishes such as the kimchi bruschetta and carbonara rice cakes. We started off with the Kimchi Disco Fries! 


Our favourite dish of the evening was the Kimchi disco fries at MOYO, thickly cut fries topped with kimchi, cheddar cheese, onion, chili pepper, sour cream and sriracha. I think we could attempt to make this at home to impress a few guests…

We also ordered the kimchi bruschetta, thinly cut tomatoes doused in olive oil atop thin bread finished off with a dallop of kimchi paste. Nothing too fancy, tasted average, not much to rave about.


Next on the list was the Pesto Rice cakes. I truly enjoyed this dish because the rice cakes added to the new MOYO concept. The texture very different to pasta & the pesto was light creamy topped with seaweed which ticks all four boxes “Sweet, Bitter, Salty & zesty”! It was such a great twist, I am getting hungry again as I am writing this.


Last, we tried MOYO’s house bibimap. Not as great as I expected, the stone bowl was hot but not hot enough to cook the rice thoroughly which resulted with dry rice and uncooked rice. I can’t even rave about the flavour as it was on the bland side, and desperately was calling for chili!



36 Aberdeen Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2858 2777

Dinner only

Website: www.facebook.com/moyohongkong





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