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Calling all Gin Fiends- Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour

April 21, 2017

Calling all the gin fiends to this incredible gin library called Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour with over 250 gins… if you’re smart enough to find it.

Ming Fat House (MFH) was established in 2014 by three young co-founders Jonathan, Shakib & Eric bringing the speakeasy concepts of Foxglove & Mrs Pound to Hong Kong and executing it the right way. Now the latest to the fictional love story, Dr Robben Fern’s Gin Parlour or Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour taking over the basement of the Landmark. You’ll see two doors on the right, one marked ‘Waiting Room’ and the other marked ‘Consulting Room’, I am not going to tell you how to get in- that’s a feat you have to face!

The concept is a fun speakeasy with Dr Fern who is an expert in botanicals prescribes gin and caffeine for ‘stress related symptoms!’Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour staff wear white coats and ask if you have an appointment which is super quirky!


Which door? Ill go sit in the waiting room. @drfernshk #ginparlour have you been yet?

The drinks: On the menu are Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour classic G&T’s however, you can choose from the mirror board near the bar for their daily cocktails that constantly change based on what the Doctor decides to pick up from the local farms for the day. My absolute favourite is the oriental cup- it’s a surprise in a tea cup!

The Food & Coffee: Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour provides plates of cheeses, charcuteries and cream cheese platters are available for snacking and their new afternoon tea is about to launch. There is a small selection of premium house spirits and wine if you are accompanying a friend who loves gin but you aren’t a fan. During daytime hours, Dr. Fern’s is great for a cuppa and a cake – so definitely drop by for your weekly appointments!

 Spoon Rate: 5/5



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