aboutHi! I am Tiana Ludhani. My excitement for blogging began early in 2012 when I taught myself how to build websites via youtube and started browsing blogs on fashion, beauty, food & lifestyle and then it hit me, I had thoughts & foodie opinions/recommendations I wanted to share! So I began a blog called ‘Reservations 4 Two’ from Sydney, Australia however, when I moved to Hong Kong I needed a change.


Working in the field of Digital Marketing for over 4 years, I have launched my new Social Media Digital Agency called 142 Avenue where we work closely with F&B groups and retail brands to create a strong message across all digital platforms. My new blog EAT MY SPOON features my passion for F&B as well as day-to-day findings, thoughts on life, reviews on various products and features of our favourite clients as well.

I am sure you will find something you will enjoy!


If you would like to advertise with us or have any digital marketing enquiries, please email alisha@142avenue.com or eatmyspoon@gmail.com!